About Me

I gradkm framed shadow2uated from California State University Northridge (CSUN) in 2011 with a Bachelor’s of Science Degree in the field of Kinesiology. In 2012, I graduated from Southern California Health Insitute (SOCHi) and earned my certification as a massage therapist. Prior to becoming an independent, I was employed as a regular massage therapist at Equinox and Innate Balance Chiropractic.

As a certified Massage Therapist with a Bachelor of Science degree in Kinesiology, I strive to develop and advance a massage plan based on each person’s individual needs. As a professional dancer myself, I am especially intrigued about catering for individuals, such as dancers and athletes, who push their bodies to the ultimate. I know personally that dancers and athletes put their bodies through tumultuous havoc, beating their bodies to the ground for a magnificent passion, the love of dance and/or athletics.

The fact of the matter is the longer dancers and athletes perform, the more they subject themselves to risk factors pertaining to soreness, tightness, pain, trigger points, knots, muscular wear and tear, pulls, strains, surgery, a short dance or athletic career, etc. I am especially skilled in a technique I call vibration therapy which is stimulating and relaxing to the muscles and can be used in aiding other massage modelities. With my thorough understanding of the muscle requirements, I have developed a plan that not only provides effective healing, but is also very affordable, allowing dancers and athletes to save money and exude more focus on having a longer, passionate, successful, and healthy lifestyle and/or career.

Whether you are a dancer, an athlete or just want a relaxing massage, I can fulfill your needs.

If at all possible please call 24 hours prior to your appointment request.

Call: (310) 498-0167